Nyumba safi

Nyumba Safi stands on the site where we first built a small two room hut to sleep in as we watched Nyumba Kubwa grow. Before our eldest daughter's wedding, which took place on the beach in front of Utupoa, we renovated the place to make space for the groom's family. We called it Nyumba Safi, which sort of translates to 'The Fancy House', because, well, in-laws. The name stuck, and we are now delighted to share the house with you. There is a self-contained kitchen and dining area, a place to chill out and drink tea on the first floor, and the Zanzibar equivalent of an attic or den upstairs, beneath a makuti thatched roof, where there is a TV, computer, a sound system, and Joyce's favourite round, red couch.

Fast fiber wifi can be received throughout the house, including the bedrooms.

Ngalawa bedroom

Ngalawa are traditional trimaran dugouts used by the Matemwe fishermen whose white lateen sails have graced our blue lagoon for centuries. We designed this en suite bedroom as a tribute, indeed from the timbers of one we once sailed.

Kijiji bedroom

This simple, en suite double room on the first floor of Nyumba Safi honours Zanzibar's grandmother Bi Kidude, the famous taarab singer who drank and smoked and traveled the world and never married and lived to 100 and barely ever wore shoes as she traipsed through the kijiji - or village - greeting people.

Please use this link to book Kijiji via Airbnb

Sultani bedroom

The en suite Sultani bedroom has echoes of a celebrated era of Swahili grandeur. With two separate Zanzibari beds, it is a good choice for friends who want to share a room.