nyumba kubwa

Nyumba Kubwa means 'Big House' in Swahili. The style is rustic and laidback, ecologically adapted to the East African monsoon climate. We've designed the house around the two great trade winds which blow every year, one from the north for the Kaskazi bedroom and one from the south for the Kusi bedroom.

Leave your wardrobe behind. You'll only need the odd khanga or kikoi.

Here's a place where the sights and sounds of Matemwe Beach compel you to bwaga moyo - to lay down your heart and rest. So, why not mix a cocktail, enjoy a cold beer at our Twende Juu bar, then go upstairs and listen in peace to the rustling all around of palms, or to the low roar of surf crashing onto the distant reef.

Unbiased, it's paradise, but we've come to realise that even in paradise, a link or two with the wider world tends not to go amiss. With that in mind, we offer you the DSTV range plus those unrivalled SuperSport channels, and Zanlink's brand new fast fiber internet connection, so you can get those tanned selfies onto Instagram.

Whatever, as our guests in the Kusi or Kaskazi bedrooms, you are truly immersed in the heart of Utupoa, so make yourself at home, explore the library, play the piano...or simply find a hammock, or a swing, or a daybed and while away the afternoon.

The two bedrooms mirror each other on opposite sides of the house. Both are en suite, with a large four-poster bed, a separate daybed, all with mosquito nets which can be turned down for you at sunset. Each room has its own veranda, and private access to the front garden which leads onto the beach.

kusi bedroom

kaskazi bedroom