OO-too (n.) Humanity


POE-uh (adj.) Cool, fresh, great

Photo: Dany Eid

Photo: Dany Eid

A unique beach house where we invite our guests to become family

Lying opposite Mnemba atoll on the dazzling Matemwe beach, 'Utupoa' is a made up Swahili word and means people are 'fresh' or 'humanity is cool.' So we say karibu - or welcome - to our home with its huge roof, hidden somewhere between the East African tall palms and utopia.

Matemwe is one of the quieter parts of the island with the most beautiful white stretch of working beach. The fishermen head out daily on their ngalawas and bring fish to auction on the beach and ladies farm seaweed at low tide.

We, Tim and Joyce Boswell, fell in love with Matemwe and have made it our home. It is a home that we have come to enjoy sharing, and we are very happy when we see our guests experience the fantastic beach, food, hospitality and weather which Zanzibar has to offer.